Roster Changes Post MDL Regular Season

Fam143 CSGO roster overhaul! With the new season approaching we wanted to get the best roster as early as possible where each member has the same drive, goals, and passion to achieve these goals. With that being said we are pleased to welcome rugrat, KLUMZ, and draek to the team! Each player brings a lot of experience to the table and we can’t wait to see this squad in action. With that being said NEXlevel_TV will now be coaching. We also have to say farewell to Anzoh, LaffyTs, and Perez. We wish them the best of luck in their future! The new lineup will be playing a CEVO main match tonight against UConn and a second match Thursday July 19th, as well as the Fragedelphia 12 online qualifier this weekend.

Caleb “jchancE”
Sahej “Skywalker”
Ace “draek”
Toryon “KLUMZ”
Nassir “rugrat”
Justin “NEXlevel_TV” (coach)

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