CS Roster Update, Post-Madcity LAN

POSTED BY Liam Kelly March 11, 2018

Many of you that have followed the events leading up to the Madcity Chicago LAN know what happened with the CS team, but for those that don’t. Three days before the LAN, a member of the team that goes by Attacker, left the roster without saying as much as a word to the guys. This put the rest of the team in an awkward position, forcing them to quickly find a fill-in before their flights the following morning. It took some time, but they were able to find a stand-in, Welshy a player for the ESEA Main Team, Big Frames was able to fill in. We would like to thank Welshy for standing in last-minute for the Chicago LAN.
Now moving forward, I’d like to make things clear with the Attacker/Bogdan situation, whether you are the Robert Leach from Florida that you claim to be, repeatedly on ESEA or not. You are still under contract with FAM143 and if you try to get yourself out of it, by claiming it’s not your real identity, then the following events will lead to a lawsuit for breach of contract and fraud. Aside from that, moving forward since you are still under contract for FAM143 you will be facing a Fine for flights and for leaving team without due notice, three days before LAN. Now we can discuss changing the severity of the fine if you reach out to me at [email protected] or the FAM143 Twitter account, we will be awaiting a reply. In the meantime, the team is working with a handful of possible people to fill the fifth position before roster locks. We will post an announcement when the future player is decided.

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