Last week, Justin “NexLevel_tv” spoke to us with regard to a possible roster change. Despite the team success from last season in ESEA Main and the promotion to MDL. There has been issues within the team in which we as a whole tried to resolve with meetings and noted list of needed improvements/change. Ultimately, this led to the releasing of Jakeb “Siberia”. He has since been released from his contract, so that he can pursue any opportunities. We would love to thank him for his time with us and wish him the best of luck moving forward with his CS career. There were no hard feelings on this decision, this decision was made to make sure everyone on the team is in a positive mind-set and environment.

Now going forward Joseph “Perez” will be filling in until the team secures their fifth.

Current roster:
– Justin “NexLevel_Tv”
– William “LaffyTS”
– Caleb “jChance”
– Branden “Anzoh”
– Joseph “Perez”(Coach)

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