Faceit Closed Qualifier Explanation

POSTED BY Liam Kelly June 22, 2018

With the recent event that has transpired, we want to offer a proper apology & explanation. Firstly, we would like to apologize to Faceit, we understand like most events, they are run on a tight schedule, and that our error cost them precious time and money. Secondly, we want to apologize to the fans that we have disappointed, you have cheered us on throughout the qualifiers, and were very much looking forward to seeing Fam play in the closed qualifier. Thirdly, we apologize to any teams we faced in the open qualifier, although there was no cheating involved, we personally apologize to any team that feels as though they were wronged.

Now for the explanation, as of two days ago Fam143 found out that an individual on the team has a 3-year old VAC ban on a second account. We did come forward to Faceit in regards to the player with the VAC ban before the closed qualifier began, in which we were informed that we will be losing our spot in the closed qualifier. The individual’s name will not be disclosed, it is up to him if he wishes to come forward with a statement. Since the beginning, not once were they trying to cheat the system, like most players, they were simply wanting to show their skill to the world, but sadly did so in the wrong manner. The entire roster has since offered their apology for their error to Faceit, the Fans, and other teams competing in the open qualifiers.

Again everyone here at FAM143 do wish to apologize for the inconvenience that we caused to all those who competed in the Faceit qualifier and to all the staff over at Faceit.


  • Sorry to hear this news you guys worked hard. Don’t let this stop your grind take this as a lesson move forward and continue greatness – p0xtomod
    #fam143 <3

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